"First-time novelist Joseph Di Prisco must be a very funny guy. Confessions of Brother Eli fairly sparkles with humor that ranges from sophisticated to slapstick, in what some believe to be the most difficult writing to carry off. And yet, it's not only that. This is a novel that draws the readers in and becomes a serious meditation almost before you can put it down....

"The last third ...shifts course and tone. The comedy of Eli's life takes second place to his overwhelming sense of loss. Di Prisco steers the story on an entirely different path, as the novel becomes an elegant elegy for opportunities lost.

"[Confessions of Brother Eli] takes risks and succeeds on many levels. Di Prisco offers an engaging sensibility and an opportunity to delve into the thalweg of a lonely soul."
– J. Uschuk, Tucson Weekly

"With dry, sardonic wit, Brother Eli questions his faith and vocation, while recounting adventures that tale place at his school.... The writing and narrative voice in this book is some of the best I've come across lately, and it's very funny."
– Vincent Duffy, Akron Beacon Journal