"Never preachy and always practical, Right from Wrong is an important and inspiring book about raising children with a conscience... This book is simply a gem—and a must-read for parents and teachers of young children alike." 
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"We're living at a time when issues of character and integrity have achieved a new level of importance, especially given what's happened in our national political theater. I've noticed a shift in people's attitudes. They don't just want to raise happy kids; they want to raise good kids. The new book Right From Wrong: Instilling a Sense of Integrity in Your Child, by Michael Riera and Joseph Di Prisco, couldn't be more timely." 
– Dr. Drew

"How to instill values in our children when they are bombarded with so many conflicting and confusing cultural messages? We live in complicated times of fleeting prosperity and catastrophic tragedy. So we are looking—now more than ever—for a moral compass that will help direct our children, a light to illuminate their path. In Right From Wrong, Mike Riera and Joe DiPrisco, tapping once again their gift for seeing the world through our children's eyes, provide both the compass and the light."
–Joan Ryan, San Francisco Chronicle