"Smart . . . noirish confection... Red-hot at the start..."
– Kirkus Reviews

It's 1996 and Dolly Leone the gambler owes his bookmaker. What can he do to get Greenie's crazy goons off his back: Twitchy, who suffers from Reverse Tourette's Syndrome, and Billy, who is big and wide as a piano and who loves to sing show tunes as he breaks down doors.

Luckily, Dolly stumbles across a manuscript called Pasquale's Wager, written in 1982 by Valentino Comfort, aka The Schoolboy. Dolly and Val were part of a blackjack team financed by Pasquale, the big money restaurateur who took a group of misfits and turned them into high-stakes professional card players--though still misfits. Back then, Dolly came up with a plan for Val to write a best-seller about the team's adventure: Casinos, big money, danger and risk. He figured it was a can't-miss proposition.