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Release Date: March 15, 2016

He's got what he calls the Alzhammer. A once powerful mob boss, Mikey is seriously slipping—losing control of his crew and of his mind. His business is sideways, his rivals are coming for him, he’s crazy forgetful, and it is a fact his parents suffered miserably with Alzheimer's. He refuses to ride diapered and drooling into the sunset. He is going to whack himself. Problem is, others are trying to whack him and rip off what’s left of the family’s business, which is different and which pisses him off—when he remembers. Meanwhile, his ex, Zayana, slips back into his life. She’s been on the lam. Long ago, she hooked up with a rich, ruthless, and very married Senator who's concerned she might go public during election season, and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to eliminate her and save his image. Mikey decides to do the right thing for a change. They will hole up in the perfect hideaway—a shady, unlicensed nursing home near Vegas—until after the vote. Mikey's feelings for Z resurface, but even so, he figures once she and her son, who might be his, are safe, he will finally kill himself in peace. Until then, he must confront his would-be killers, the Senator, and the lunatic who cracks the whip at the three-ring circus home called Over the Rainbow.

Praise for a "quirky noir" (Publishers Weekly) from "a master writer" (Anne Hillerman):

"Joseph Di Prisco writes with humor and a great sense of character, poking fun at things that would leave a lesser author cringing. Think Cuckoo's Nest meets The Godfather. The Alzhammer opens with an aborted suicide and progresses through attempted murder, underhanded mob dealings, questionable events at a bizarre nursing home and a long-simmering affair. Di Prisco interweaves all these elements with the skill of a master writer." 
— Anne Hillerman, New York Times best-selling author of Spider Woman's Daughter and Rock with Wings

"Great funny lines on every page.  Am I recommending The Alzhammer? As the protagonist Mikey might say, ‘Eggs ackly.’"
— Jack Handey, author of Deep Thoughts

"Di Prisco delivers a brilliant portrayal of a wise guy who faces his biggest arch enemies....time and Alzheimer's. The last tango of power, fear, loyalty, and love is beautifully danced for us right to the very end."
— Vickie Sciacca, Manager, Lafayette, California, Library

"Part Mafia thriller, part comic farce, part lament about the anguish of dementia—and all hyperkinetic...Fast-paced and often charming."
— Kirkus Reviews

“Great funny lines — and some great sad ones too. As the character Dolly might say, 'It’s butter-sweet.’”
— Jack Handey, author of Deep Thoughts

"The book’s comic aspects, most notably the malapropisms of Mikey’s crew, jar with the wrenching portrayals of advanced Alzheimer’s patients. Some readers will be amused. Others may feel uncomfortable or even offended."
— Publishers Weekly

“A lot of books come across my desk for me to look at for potential interviews. The Alzhammer was one of many books for the month of May. I picked it up and the title caught my eye. Then I read a testimonial from a fellow author that called it a cross between One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Godfather. That piqued my interest. Then I read the summary about a mob boss who is losing his mind and decides that he wants to end his life on his own terms yet he has enemies after him and an ex love comes back into the picture AND he ends up at a shady nursing home in Vegas! I was SOLD!

I read the book in 3 days! I would have finished it sooner but regular life got in the way. It is fast-paced and intriguing. Following the lead character Mikey through his journey is funny, sad, suspenseful, and real!  Then I had the pleasure of interviewing the author Joe DiPrisco! HIS life is just as funny and interesting. You can watch our interview on BookCircleOnline.com. If you are looking for something to read this summer or fall or winter, pick up The Alzhammer!”
— James Lott, Jr, Book Circle Online

“This is an amazing, very funny book about everything from crime families to Alzheimer's disease. In fact, the criminals themselves are getting dementia faster than you can shake a stick, and then trying to knock each other off before they actually lose their minds. This is high comedy, along with real wisdom and poetry. A seriously delightful read that gets you thinking about yes, your own thinking and how to keep doing it!”
— A.R. Taylor, Sex, Rain, and Cold Fusion